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For more than six decades, Northwest Kidney Centers has stood as a beacon in kidney disease treatment, championing patient-centered care as a not-for-profit community resource. In commemoration of this rich legacy and the transformative journey of dialysis therapy, CRĒO Industrial Arts collaborated with the skilled designers at Luci Creative, alongside the organization’s leadership, to reimagine and relocate its historical museum.

The revitalized museum serves not only as a repository of the past but as a narrative of healing and resilience, with patients firmly placed at its core. Beyond showcasing iconic photographs and artifacts, it houses a diverse array of dialysis machines and equipment pivotal to the advancement of life-saving treatments. Visitors are invited to explore the crucial role played by Northwest Kidney Centers in pioneering and disseminating dialysis therapy on a global scale.

CRĒO oversaw project management, provided final design support, detailed and engineered exhibits, fabricated graphics, mounted artifacts, produced signage, and managed installation.


Stephanie Pitts - Northwest Kidney Center Vice President of Marketing and Communications

The team at CRĒO made it possible to bring our vision for the Northwest Kidney Centers Dialysis Museum to life. They were great partners throughout design, fabrication, and installation.

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